The staff at CBA not only inspire my daughter to be a better dancer, they inspire her to be a better person. Under the guidance of her CBA teachers, Katie"s technique and ability have surpassed our expectations, but more importantly, CBA has instilled in her confidence, compassion, and a strong work ethic.

- Jennifer Holcomb
Classical Ballet Academy is an environment that nourishes the dancer and forms the person. It is not just a building where children of all ages learn to "dance", but instead is a community of fine dance arts where my children have been supported and trained to be their best and reach their own potential. As a family, we are so grateful for CBA"s committmet to hard work, professionalism and dance education!

- Jennifer Wilber
Sarah balances discipline and fun so well, that even after 10 years of taking classes, our daughters are still begging us for more time at the studio

- Francine Staczek
CBA provides our children with top notch dance instruction given in an incredibly caring and nurturing environment. The teachers truly care about each and every student and this shines through every day. This combination is certainly a rarity and our kids are learning not only about dance, but also about important skills for character development in life. Our family has benefited immeasurably from being a part of this community!

- Tracie Erlandson
I am so grateful to be a part of, and for my son and daughter to grow up in, this incomparable community. Classical Ballet Academy is a community that promotes compassion, responsibility, grace, humility, and hard work, in an environment of acceptance, art, and music. It is so rewarding to pick my children up each day and hear their stories of triumph, determination, and FUN. Every teacher, every class has something wonderful to give. Thank you CBA for being the community that I had dreamed for my family to have!

- Lindsay Lichtenwalter
CBA’s instruction has molded our two daughters into respectful, confident and dedicated young dancers.

- Francine Staczek
I think what I love the most about CBA is how it is one big family. The students care for each other across the age groups. The younger students look up to the older students and the older dancers look after the younger dancers, remembering that they are the role models. The environment is friendly and healthy, where much is expected, but many avenues for success are available, for those that work hard.

- Karen Dean
We were told at our last parent teacher conferences at our daughters’ middle school, that they both stop at their teacher"s desk and thank them after every class – this is a direct reflection of the kind of respectful environment that Sarah and all of the staff at CBA creates, and how their training prepares them for real life experiences – not just ballet.

- Francine Staczek
I wanted to share with you how much we appreciate what you and your studio have done for our daughter. In the 6 years she’s been training at CBA, we’ve seen her develop into a self-confident and disciplined young lady. Watching our daughter voluntarily and enthusiastically dive into homework before (and often after) ballet class makes me grateful and proud. The self-discipline required to advance at CBA has definitely carried over into the academic side of her life. It’s hard to overstate how fortunate we feel that she’s learning important life skills in such a supportive and loving environment. Thank you for all that you do for her.

- Matt and Kris Marcus